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Selling Your Songs and Lyrics & Getting an Advance Payment
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By Suzanne Foster
When it comes to selling your songs and
songwriters today have it much
easier than they did just a few years ago.
More songs are now bought, sold and
downloaded online than almost any other
way, and song-selling sites such as
Songwriter's Online Marketplace have
songwriters and lyricists with
yet another way to  sell their songs and
lyrics and earn
songwriting royalties.

Julia Wainright, of London Sky Records,  
tells us:   "
As a Record Company, when
we need to find new
songwriting talent,
we don't just wait for it to walk in the door.  
Songwriters & lyric-writers who promote
themselves on
the top online song-selling
sites help make it easy for us to discover
songwriters and lyric-writers".
"I think that's why the top online song-
selling sites and music sites are so
successful, because
it works both
 singers and songwriters can get
discovered by record companies and
recording artists a lot more easily than
they used to, while record company
executives and recording artists can find
exactly what they're looking for".

When you're
Selling Your Songs online,
it's important to create a
that tells potential song buyers
and music-industry executives about
you as a
songwriter, such as what type
of songs you write, which markets you
think your songs and lyrics would sell
best in, and which
recording artists
they're best suited to. The good news is
that the top online
song-selling sites will
be happy to create your Songwriter
Profile for you.
Helping Songwriters, Lyricists & Poets Succeed
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Start by listing 2 or 3 songs/lyrics for sale.
Once you sell one and establish relation-
ships with song buyers, you can list more
songs and deal directly with the song buyers.
Songwriting Tip of the Week:
How much should you charge ... What's your "advance" payment ... and What's your royalty share?
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Get a Manager!
"Selling your songs & lyrics today is a  
competitive business
", says Elaine
of Elaine Chalmers
Songwriter Management, who
specializes in selling, marketing and
promoting songs and lyrics for their
songwriters.  "Some songwriters
enjoy this part of the job, while others
prefer to focus on writing new songs,
and letting a manager sell their songs
and lyrics for them"
Whether you prefer to sell your own
songs and lyrics or get a manager to
see your songs for you,  
today have it much easier than they
did just a few years ago.  With regard
getting paid for your songs, and
how much your songs  are worth ...
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